“But human nature—“ Fuck you. Enough said. Human nature is what we make it, and you know that too, whether or not you want to own up to it—you cowardly excuse-mongering bastards.

wtorek, 4 lutego 2014

duszokiszki mojego ciała

diging into the snow-like inside of my gutsoul waiting for the ice to melt and waters to flow just as they are made to trying to engage in a never ending journey with myself my ears open and always wanting-waiting for the sounds from the outside world
where am I lying in the embrional position close to the fat humid ground the grass covering the sky above attentive scared and curious
o źdźbło trawy obok drugie ciało ciepło strach wiatr z którym chcę iść i ciepło bliskość ziemi flow of energy going from the very roots of my foot through the all blood veins of my body into the hand reaching to grab the wind made to flow to flow to flow away without me

poniedziałek, 3 lutego 2014


Cherishing appreciation in the last days. Appreciation for somebody's else warmth. For food someone has made for me. For a warm and cosy room someone has gave me to sleep in. For the care someone gives to the creature I love. For someone's nice greeting when I come back home. For someone making my room warm for me, when it is so cold outside. Appreciation for home. For the trust another creature lays in me. All this strangely mixtured with melancholy and longing. Longing for a family, a collective full of love, appreciation, support, openness and determination to fight. For feeling of being a part of. For deep relations with others.