“But human nature—“ Fuck you. Enough said. Human nature is what we make it, and you know that too, whether or not you want to own up to it—you cowardly excuse-mongering bastards.

środa, 16 października 2013


This picture calms me down and eases my pain. It reminds me that there are still places, which are not destroyed, humiliated, exploited. That there are places where you can breathe and feel the breath in the bottom of your belly, filling up your lungs with blue, fresh energy. Where you can feel like an animal, like a part of it all. Connected, rooted. Places, where I can for a while forget how much I am ashamed for the race I belong to. Places, where being alone means never being alone, as every bust of the wind, every sun ray and every touch of the ground makes me feel included. Places, where I feel that I have lost so much, though it is still here, waiting for me to be back. Places, where I know there is so much left to learn and nothing left to speak. Places, where the dichotomies and tames in me fall down and I am no longer my mind and my body, my feelings and my reason, female or male. Places, where I am starting to be the constant flow of energies. Places, where I feel I am back home.
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