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sobota, 12 stycznia 2013


A post I started to write few months ago but never finished. I do want it to see the daylight as it is a special one...

I somehow do believe in the kind of magic or importance of the special dates. I know, that it is only in my head, but it helps me a lot to celebrate the meaning of those dates. They are somehow magical and potentially can change the reality, when used in a good way. As long as you understand "magical" not in a new age way of thinking, nor the way 18th century anthropologist did. 
My 26th birthday few days ago. Which I decided to spent slightly different than always. I was usually enjoying to spend this day with my beloved friends, hung out, do things with them, eat good food. To have a somehow special day and cherish the life I am living here (as it seems I do not have any other valuable option by now than just living it) and the great part of that cherishing is thanks to the great people that surround me. This year most of my friend was not around when I was getting older. I was working like crazy, having no time to have a day off or prepare something special for myself and others. So I decided to go for someone's else's birthday party. Which was such a great way of finally not being in the very center and being THE person that is the special one today, which is always a bit odd feeling to me. And in the same time it felt special, cause it was a birthday party. I was there, mostly with people I did not know or just knew a little bit. And I still felt so comfortable, good and safe, just amazing. I find it in a way magical, cause it seems as I had ended the under-the-blanket phase, being afraid of meeting new people and going out to the world. Hope it will in fact be the date. And I was lucky enough to be in the very right place and with the very right people who enabled me to feel comfortable, accepted and wanted. Which I do appreciate a lot.

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