“But human nature—“ Fuck you. Enough said. Human nature is what we make it, and you know that too, whether or not you want to own up to it—you cowardly excuse-mongering bastards.

niedziela, 23 października 2011

Liminal state

Being just about to travel is a special moment. It is much different from travelling itself and it is not already the same state as being still somewhere. It is possible to already gain a distance to a place, where you are, but it is a distance that is limited in a way. It is an involving distance. The emotional connection with what is around is changing, as you are gaining the outside view. There is a sense of longing already, the most strange one - when you hug someone you love, knowing that it soon won't be possible any more, if ever will be possible again. But it is not missing yet, because everything is still here, by the reach of hand.
It provokes the state I like a lot, being more attentive to regular, daily and taken for granted things.

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